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Advanced Skin Analysis eBook

This book is the core text of The Pastiche Method ® which is recognised as the most progressive skin analysis education available worldwide. It has been developed for individuals wishing to undertake professional, corrective skin treatment therapy.

Cosmetic Chemistry eBook

Cosmetic Chemistry explores the linking of skin structure and function to ingredient choice in order to achieve better treatment results and client satisfaction. This is done by approaching the major skin conditions that therapists see on a daily basis and applying the knowledge of what is happening to the skin’s cells to the types of ingredients that will provide best therapeutic effect.

Visual Skin Analysis Diagnostic Indicator Guide

The Visual Skin Analysis Diagnostic Indicator Guide is another quick reference guide by Florence Barrett-Hill to help you learn the art of professional skin analysis, and communicate your findings with your clients.

3D Advanced Skin Analysis Diagnostic Flowchart Textbook

The amount of information gathered during the consultation process is extensive; and this means that there has to be a method of filtering and sorting it.

Aesthetic Clinicians Pictorial Guide

The Aesthetic Clinicians Pictorial Guide is a collection of popular diagrammatic poster images presented in an A4 book sized form.

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