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Depending on the books you have purchased, your access/download links will look something like the image below. Because the devices you may want to access your e-books on store the files in a different way, you will need to follow the specific instructions for your particular device in the relevant section.

How to download your e-books




Our recommendation is that you download the PDF’s first-but only once. Make sure you have planned where you are going to download the file to before you start. As you have three downloads, it is recommended that you use one of these downloads as a location where you can save as a backup.
Do not try to download both versions of a book or all thee downloads at one time; all this will do is crash the downloader and waste your download acesss.
For the Rich media flip book, click on the link with the title of the book and wait for the URL to load. Then save this location in your browser for future visits. Do not try to download the location- it does not work this way. (See section on flip book below)



Downloading your personalized PDF

While problems with downloads are few, there can be a few technical issues: mostly depending on what kind of device you are downloading to.
For Windows, Mac OSX (iMac and iBooks) and Android users, there should be no issues, and with iOS devices best practice is to use iBooks.  If you are going to download all 3 copies of the file, then be sure to put them in different locations (folders or drives) to avoid the same file being overwriten. You could also change the file name by adding a number at the end so they don’t get confused with each other. In this way you can ensure you have 3 different versions should one get lost or corrupted.

iOS users

To download the PDF’s directly on to your iPad or iPhone, do not use the download button. Instead, click on the title of the book and open the PDF. Then press the share icon and copy to iBooks. You can also use the share feature if you have a dropbox folder.  Only use the download function if you want to store the file to a direct location such as a folder on your hard drive.

Dropbox for iPads/iPhones: Follow this sequence:

1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Safari and open the file you are trying to download.(Only the PDF version-not the Flip book)
2. Tap on the Share button, which will bring up the Share sheet.
3. Select “Save to Dropbox.” If you don’t see that option, swipe all the way to the right and tap on the More button. From there, you will be able to enable the Dropbox extension.
4. Now tap the Save button, or choose a Dropbox folder where to save the file, then tap Save.
Note: Best practice is to be already signed in to the Dropbox account you want to save to BEFORE you begin.

Windows users

Windows users: The default location for downloads is usually the “my downloads” folder, however check the download location in your web browser settings if you are unable to locate them. Best practice is to create a folder where you want to put them first, and then download to that location.

Android users

On your Android device, the default location for the files will be the “download” folder. Use your file management app to navigate to it.


Dropbox users

To use the save to Dropbox function, best practice is to plan where you are going to put the book in your Dropbox. Please note that if you have mixed media (both PDF’s and Flip books) in your order, you can’t use the “Save to Dropbox” function as Dropbox is unable to handle files and URLs for streaming simultaneously. In this scenario, use the “Download” button and save the PDF file to a location in your Dropbox local files. It will then automatically sync with your cloud shared files. As mentioned below in the section of Flip books; streamed files are accessed via a specific URL that is saved in a browser.



Accessing the Rich media Flip book

The important thing to remember about this version is that it is not technically a download.
The rich media version is a browser basedHTML 5 version that you visit to read; just like a website; the advantage of this is that it does not take up valuable space on you tablet or phone and you can read whenever you are connected to the internet. Because it is in HTML 5 format, you can read it on any device that has a compatible browser.
When you click on the download button you are taken to your personal URL of the book. This is the URL that you save in your browser as a favorite so you can go back to read whenever you want. Access to the URL from the download portal will only work 3 times, so be sure to save it both in your browser and as a backup, in a document or text file.

Important! Do not launch access to the flipbook from the link in the email. Always launch it from the URL you have saved in your browser.


Backup your e-books


We recommend you always create a backup of the PDF versions of the e-books. This can be in the cloud or on a portable drive. This backup is your responsibility and we are unable to re-issue files that have been lost due to any reason after being downloaded from our server. Please see our terms of service for more details.

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