It is well recognized that Effective Skin Analysis is one of the most valuable skills the skin treatment therapist of the new millennium can master, and this Advanced Skin Analysis ebook will help you achieve that goal.

With a complete update of the anatomy & physiology of the skin,  the Advanced Skin Analysis ebook shares the relevant discoveries about the skin and presents them in an easy to understand, informative manner that links structure and function to various skin conditions.

Using diagnostic indicator references with colour photographs, therapists can quickly and accurately diagnose a variety of skin conditions with confidence.

By using an advanced skin analysis, subsequent treatments will be more effective than ever before, as prevailing conditions will be identified and treated in priority order.

Contents of this 220 page book:

Phase one of the diagnostic procedure

• Conducting a detailed consultation
• Viewing the skin
• The Three Diagnosis Characteristics of skin
• How to look at the skin
• Determining the Basic Majority skin type
• Basic Majority Skin Type: Lipid Dry Skin
• Basic Majority Skin Type: Oily Skin
• Basic Majority Skin Type: Permanent Diffused Redness
• Review questions & references

Phase two of the diagnostic procedure

• Determining the priority skin conditions
• Linking skin Condition to Skin Structure & Function
• Passive and active functions of the skin
• Skin conditions related to Texture and the systems involved
• Excess Keratinisation
• Collagen & Elastin
• Structural Integrity & density
• Loss of resiliency & adhesion
• Glycation
• Texture review questions & references
• Skin conditions related to Colour and the systems involved
• Pigmentation
• Vascular conditions
• Oxygenation loss
• Colour review questions & references
• Skin conditions related to Secretions and the systems involved
• Impaired lymphatic system
• Impaired Enzyme activity
• Essential Fatty Acid deficiency
• Impaired Acid Mantle
• Acne
• Secretions review questions & references

Phase three of the diagnostic procedure

• The consultation process review
• Selling your findings
• Maintaining your analysis and treatment progress records
• Photographic records
• Confirming your diagnosis with electronic devices
• Review questions
• Glossary of terms
• Cause and effect quick reference

This book is as part of the resources in the Advanced Skin Analysis Program from Pastiche Training.

Other books in this series include: Cosmetic Chemistry, Visual Diagnostic Guide, and Skin Diagnostic Flowcharts.

This e-book comes in both a personalized, printable PDF, and a browser based rich media ‘flip book’ for tablets and smartphones when you are the go.

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Advanced Skin Analysis

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Rich, diagrammatic illustrations and colour photographs populate this groundbreaking book with over 220 pages written specifically for skin treatment therapists who want to take their careers to the next level of professionalism.

This book is the core text of The Pastiche Method ® which is recognised as the most progressive skin analysis education available worldwide. It has been developed for individuals wishing to undertake professional, corrective skin treatment therapy. Reading this book will help update your knowledge of what you need to compete in today’s high-tech beauty & skin treatment world.

BUNDLE – Advanced Skin Analysis & Cosmetic Chemistry

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