A great new supplement to the Advanced Skin Analysis book

Written by Florence Barrett-Hill, author of Advanced Skin Analysis and Cosmetic Chemistry.

The amount of information gathered during the consultation process is extensive; and this means that there has to be a method of filtering and sorting it.

These Pastiche diagnostic flow charts will assist you to filter your findings into categories that will determine a quick summarized result that as a diagnostic technician, you can use confidently.

By using the most commonly found causes and linking them across to cells and systems and skin conditions affected; and then by filtering with intrinsic and extrinsic factors, the Pastiche Diagnostic Flow charts will become an invaluable clinical diagnostic tool.

Each of these flow charts indicate which of the three diagnostic characteristics;


that are effected by the causative factors, expanding to show which specific cells and skin function is likely to be affected, and how they will manifest. A great quick reference to help you learn the art of professional skin analysis, and communicate your findings with your clients.

Contents include:

  • Chronological AGE Flow Charts
  • Determining the chronological age of skin cells
  • Skin conditions influenced by the chronological age of the skin
  • Oxidative Stress Diagnostic Flow Chart
  • Oxidative stress causative agents Nutrition Diagnostic Flow Chart
  • Nutrition as a causative agent
  • Phototype & Pigmentation Risk
  • Genetics: Phototypes 1 – 2 as a causative agent
  • Genetics: Phototypes 3-6 as a causative agent
  • Medical history as causative agents affecting texture and colour
  • Medical history as causative agents affecting secretions
  • Medication History Diagnostic Flow Charts
  • Medications as a causative agent affecting secretions
  • Medications as a causative agent affecting texture and colour
  • Hormonal History Diagnostic Flow Charts
  • Hormones as causative agents affecting secretions
  • Hormones as causative agents affecting texture and colour
  • Visual evidence of skin conditions
  • Cause & Effect using structure and function
  • Pastiche method pathway

ISBN 978-0-473-29464-9
Soft A4 cover, 28 pages

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