The Contraindications Guide for Light-Based Cosmetic Therapies (Second Edition) is a useful clinical reference guide for practitioners of all light based cosmetic therapies.
The guide covers best practice policies & procedures, obtaining client consent prior to treatment, and a comprehensive contraindications guide to special and serious considerations.
Also covered are drug interactions in laser & ILS therapy, photosensitivity and other effects and interactions.
The included Quick Reference Guide will quickly become your go-to reference in clinic.
Written by Dr Godfrey Town PhD, an RPA 2000 Certificated Laser Protection Adviser and Clinical Technologist.

Content includes:

    • Policies & procedures
    • Obtaining client consent
    • Conditions requiring extreme caution
    • Conditions requiring serious consideration
    • Drug interactions in laser & ILS therapies
    • Medicines with photosensitivity
    • The effects of alcohol
    • The importance of pre & post treatment images
    • Guidance on photosensitive medication
    • Comprehensive Quick reference guide

Testimonials for this publication:

“This publication should be mandatory reading for anyone considering the use of lasers or intense light sources for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes.”
30th January 2020

Prof Peter Bjerring M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. (Med)
Professor of Dermatology
Aalborg University Hospital,
Aalborg, Denmark


“This publication is very important for students and in general for those who are starting or already practising clinically with lasers, IPLs and / or doing LED therapy.”
September 10, 2021.

Professor Mario A. Trelles M.D., Ph.D.
Director of the Master of Laser in Medicine and Surgery,
Nebrija University, Madrid, Spain.

ISBN 978-0-473-60065-5
Digital only: PDF & Flip Book, 28 pages

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