The Aesthetic Clinicians Pictorial Guide is a collection of popular diagrammatic poster images presented in an A4 book sized form.
The series of instructive and educational diagrammatic visualizations is suitable for clinical, colleges and aesthetic client education. Each vivid, full colour image shows the processes and detail of common but complex subjects found in aesthetic and skin care practice that are easier to explain with diagrammatic assistance.

Images include:

    • Layers, systems & structures of the skin
    • The Keratinocyte Life Cycle
    • The Melanogenesis story
    • Phototype & Pigmentation risk factor
    • The Collagenase story
    • Oxidative Stress
    • The Free radical story
    • Sunscreen protection efficiencies guide
    • Light penetration in to the skin
    • Therapeutic dermal rolling
    • The Hair growth cycle
    • Absorption spectrum of various chromophores

ISBN 978-0-473-15510-0
Soft A4 cover, 14 pages

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