Our poster range shows the processes and detail of common but complex subjects found in aesthetic and skin care practice that are easier to explain with diagrammatic assistance.

All posters are A2 (420 x 594mm) USD $55.00 each + postage


Skin Cross section

Skin Cross section 1002

Shows the major structures and components of the human skin from epidermis to dermis.

The Oxidative Stress Story

The Oxidative Stress Story 1003

This vibrant poster shows the cascade of events that lead to cell damage from UV exposure.

Light Penetration into the Skin

Light Penetration into the Skin 1004

Shows the penetration depth for the light spectrum. About the effects of UV radiation to the different layers of the skin and the effective depths of Intense Pulsed Light and laser treatments.

Expanded Fitzpatrick Chart

Expanded Fitzpatrick Chart 1005

A valuable tool for all technicians working with a wide variety of skin colours. Shows risk/potential outcomes for light based and chemical modalities.

The Free Radical Story

The Free Radical Story 1006

A great storyboard that explains what Free radicals are and how to combat them with anti-oxidants.

The Collagenase Story

The Collagenase Story 1007

This dramatic poster shows the difference between unexposed and UV exposed skin on low Fitzpatrick type skins. Also shows UV exposure and the activation of AP-1 triggering collagenase and elastase enzyme production.
A fantastic educational tool to help promote the use of sunscreen.

The Melanogenesis Story

The Melanogenesis Story 1008

Shows the various stages of Melanogenesis, the formation of the pigment and the enzymic transitions that occur.

The Keratinocyte Life Cycle

The Keratinocyte Life Cycle 1014

Shows the six stages of the Keratinocyte life cycle, the formation of the cells and the enzymic transitions that occur. A detailed description about the formation of the epidermis and the skin barrier defence systems.

Therapeutic Dermal Rolling

Therapeutic Dermal Rolling 1015

Describes the principles of dermal rolling (or needling) and gives visual indications of depths of penetration along with intended use.

Dermal Rolling Technique

Dermal Rolling Technique 1016

Demonstrates the “best practice” pattern technique for dermal or skin rolling. This technique was developed by Dr Lance Setterfield MD, the author of the best selling book, “The Concise Guide To Dermal Needling”.

Light Absorption Spectrum

Light Absorption Spectrum 1010

A great explanatory tool for Intense Pulsed Light Technicians. The chart shows the two forms of light based hair removal and rejuvenation modalities (Laser and IPL) and their efficiency at different chromophores.

Phases of the Hair Growth Cycle

Phases of the Hair Growth Cycle 1011

A great educational tool for electrologists and Intense pulsed light technicians.

Fully details the four stages of hair development.

Sunscreen Protection Chart

Sunscreen Protection Chart 1013

A great explanatory tool to demonstrate the protection efficiencies of various common sunscreens. Great for educating clients to the dangers of sun exposure with the wrong type of sunscreen, and evaluation of formulation suitability.