Sample diagnostic pages from the book
Advanced Skin Analysis
By Florence Barrett-Hill

ISBN 978-476-00665-2 and ISBN 978-0-473-19410-9

Each section starts with an introduction to the cells and 
systems effected that manifest as the skin conditions

Explains in detail all the systems effected..

What is occurring..

And follows with diagnostic cues for analysis 
and confirmation of each skin condition

With an outline of primary & secondary causes, along with resulting characteristics


There are chapters for each of the three groups of skin conditions:

Skin conditions related to Texture



Skin conditions related to Colour



Skin conditions related to Secretions


This book is a summary of the Pastiche Method® of skin analysis

The Pastiche Method ® is recognised as the most progressive skin analysis education 
available worldwide, and has been d
eveloped for individuals wishing to undertake 
professional, corrective skin treatment therapy.

Reading this book will help update your knowledge with what you need to 
compete in today's high tech beauty & skin treatment world.

Learn how to link skin structure & function to skin condition and product composition.

Learn how to compile a summary of the skin analysis along with priority 
condition and aftercare programs.

Learn how to choose appropriate treatments based on cause of condition 
& have confidence to speak knowledgeably about your products and treatments.


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